You’ve made me stronger by Regine Velasquez

is it hard to believe I’m ok
after all its been awhile since u walked away
I’m way past crying
over u finding someone new

u turned my days into nights
but now i see the light
and this maybe the big surprise to u

but/ cause youve made me stronger by breaking my heart
u ended my life and made a better one start
uve taught me everything from falling in love
to letting go of a lie
yes uve made me stronger, baby, bye saying goodbye

if u try to believe im not over you
go ahead, theres nothing wrong with making beleive
i know, coz i used to pretend youll come back to me

but time has been such a good friend
brought me to my senses again
and i have u to thank
for setting me free

repeat chorus

think again
dont feel sorry for me, my friend
ooohh….dont u know, im not the one of the losing end **

repeat chorus 2x

you’ve made me stronger, baby, by saying goodbye


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