Points of view

Na inspired lang ako na mag sulat ngayon when I watch one of the posted video on  facebook.


Why do people made love so complicated?

If both of you love each other and no one will get hurt then go fight fight!

Usually the couple problem is cheating, lalo na sa part ng mga guy they don’t even care how the girl cried every night.  hmmm.. nagtataka lang ako when u asked the guy if he love his present GF he will answerd he did eh yung other girl do you love her? madalas ang sagot “NAGUGULUHAN AKO”. haist!  wala naman magulo dun you must love one person kasi isa ka lang at isa lang ang puso mo and you have to gave this to only one… your only one… Ngayon kung naguguluhan ka pa din you have to let go both of them kasi kawawa sila sa magulong puso mo they hoping for your love,!

about sa girl when the guy say’s ” I’m sorry” accept it tell him that one sorry would be enough kung kaya patawarin go pag hindi tell him that you still need more time to think and to be heal.,

One sided love, if your GF/BF is na fall out of love, you have to let him/her go kasi non-sense na your the only one who gave love. While you are with him/her, he/she might be thinking of somebody that he/she really love,. sabi nga ” set him free and let him find his happiness that he never found in you” just be happy for him.

moving on process,  this is not so easy kasi it’s a long time process. first you have to accept that your not meant to be, he no longer in love with you. I know its kinda hard and full of pain but you have to do this if your love is really  pure. Enjoy your life do something enjoyable so that at least for a minute you will forget him. Use your pain you had right now to be strong and make a better one. after a long time process you will realize something you will be thankful for the person who brought you that deep pain, you are now a great person you will learn that no matter what happened life is had full of surprises  that you will be excited for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow if what god gave you for that day,.



One thought on “Points of view

  1. madali maisip ang mga sagot kapag hindi ikaw ang in love. kasi mas matimbang sa yo ang logic, ang reason.

    pero kapag ikaw ang nasa situation, hindi na sya ganun kadali – kasi love defies reason, defies logic. kaya madami kang nakikilalang tao na kahit nasasaktan na, minamahal pa din nila ang isang tao.

    that’s what makes love complicated.

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