all about doraemon

Doraemon came to this world on December 1st, 1969. He was created by Fujimoto Hiroshi and Motoo Akido. Unfortunately, Fujimoto has passed away. There are hundreds of manga volumes, and a few movies. Doraemon is a story about a robotic cat sent back to the past to save a kid called Nobita Nobi from poverty in the future. That was the start of one of the greatest anime ever. Even though the drawing may not be as “Cool” as some of the other animes, but believe me, the contents is so good, it will keep you hooked on for the rest of your life.

Doraemon was sent from the 22nd century by Nobita’s grandson. His mission was to save Nobita from poverty and from marrying Jiyan’s ugly sister. He popped out of Nobita’s desk drawer one day and that’s when all their adventures began.Doraemon has a lot of human-like qualities. For instance, he loves to eat Dorayaki, which are “buns” that are like a kind of sweet pancake dough which is used like bread to ‘sandwich’ the anko (sweet bean paste) in between.

Doraemon has a fourth dimensional pocket that links to the 22nd century. He can put almost anything in there and pull lots of weird gadgets out! He often uses the gadgets to save Nobita, but Nobita ends up misusing the gadgets and getting himself into more trouble.


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