Who says you need a ton of cash for a gym membership to keep fit? Get some pointers on how to stay in tip-top shape-without breaking the bank.

1. Get your shopping list out and hit the grocery! Going around pushing your cart and picking up and reaching up for an item on your list is good exercise. Consider it as a more laid-back form of cardio workout. Just remember to wear good walking shoes!

2.Tend to your garden. All that bending, walking, and watering can help you shed off some weight. Not only are you helping the environment, you’re giving yourself good exercise as well.

3. Ever wondered why some mommies are still hot mamas once they give birth? Imagine all that exercise you can get from following a toddler around! If you don’t have a kid yet, volunteer to baby sit your nephews and nieces once in a while.

4. Go jogging. Jogging is a very good form of cardio workout and it’s better if it’s done with a friend. But if none of your pals are available to jog with you, it’s a good time to update your iPod and create a killer jogging play list to accompany you on your quest to stay fit.

5. Conserve energy while keeping fit-try taking the train when going to work! You’re not only going to save cash by riding the train, you get to do some brisk walking while transferring to another station or walking to your office building! It’s eco-friendly too since you’ll help lessen CO2 emissions.

6. The Philippine Presidential election is nearing and now’s the best time to join walk-a-thons or even volunteer for different groups organizing these walks for a cause. You’ll make a difference and at the same time, shed off some weight!

7. Catch up on household chores. Cleaning, fixing beds, sweeping, cooking, and washing the dishes and clothes can be a good exercise and makes you sweat in the process. Remember to reward yourself with a nice bath afterwards.

8. Go on a nature trip! Breathe in the fresh air and get some walking done!

9. If you want to go to the mall but don’t have the budget to buy anything (hey, it’s the recession anyway), remember that you can always window shop! Admit it, walking around a mall for hours on end can be a bit tiring-and a good cardio workout for you.

10. Eat out less. Preparing home-cooked meals and eating them together as a family not only ensures you’re eating healthy, but it’s also a good form of bonding as well.

Stay fit with these tips and make sure you have a healthy diet by drinking Alaska Slim everyday to keep you in tip-top-shape. And remember to invest in good exercise shoes and a positive attitude!


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