first step to make your life better

your prosoperity depends on how you use what you already have in your life— your knowledge, your talents, your abilities. when it looks is’nt good, it isn’t what it appears to be. Seek and you shall find. make sure you look for the good you will find it. Go into the endorphins manufacturing business.LAUGH!!!

Prosperity comes from feeling good. Laughter makes you feel really good. Being able to laugh at yourself is the greatest laughter of all. you cannot have a depressing thought in the middle of laughter. if it’ll be funny someday,you can start laughing now.

when a hearts breaks, it opens who says you cannot love again? You cannot lave and lose; you only lose when you don’t love. You are always a student of love, learning how to love yourself and others.

Try giving the benefit of the good rather than the benefit of the doubts then disappear. you are peaceful and serene because you have no guilt about the past and no fear of the future. Your spirituality is on the action side,doing what you can do to benefit yourself and others. imagine how happy you would be if you could handle everyone in your life wisely and lovingly.


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